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We are trying to make Meadowview as accessible as possible: please contact us if you would like additional information or would like to discuss specific needs.


There are two steps to the front door.

Once inside, the bungalow is level throughout.

The double room has a level ensuite wetroom.

The king size room has a shower cubicle with one step.

The breakfast sitting room has level access.

There is one step from the breakfast / sitting room on to the patio and there are three steps down to the first level of the garden.

The van is on the second garden terrace. This can only be reached through the garden and down a flight of steps. There are also steps up to the entrance.


Detailed information

The parking area is gravelled but there is a designated parking space near to the entrance and a concreted area to the front door. There is a paved path leading from the front gate to the front door.

The front door has one step of 10cm followed by a second step and threshold which is 20cm high.

The hall has a laminate floor.

Room one

The double room has a wetroom with a glass screen separating the toilet from the shower area.  The shower area is 72cm wide and there is a movable shower seat which is 40cm high. The toilet area is 74cm wide, the toilet is ‘comfort height’ i.e.47cm high. There is a grab rail next to the toilet and in the shower area.

The door to the room is 90cm wide, the bathroom door is 74cm wide. The room is carpeted, the wetroom has non slip tiling.

Room two

The door is 90cm wide, ensuite door is 66cm. The floor is carpeted, the ensuite is tiled. The shower cubicle has one step which is 23cm high. There is a grabrail in the shower. The toilet is 40cm high.

The van

Unfortunately, the van is not suitable for anyone with mobility needs as it can only be reached through the garden, down a flight of steps and has three steps up to it.

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